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your energy needs

In a demanding market, it’s vital to deliver on your brand promise day by day, hour by hour to the customer.

A ‘character’ building will win you business – but as you know, it will be expensive to heat.

And if part of your customer experience is offering facilities like a swimming pool, you’ll know how that heat cost hits the bottom line. 

Most guests are of course interested in your establishment’s eco credentials, too – whether or not it’s core to your brand.

We specialise in business-to-business energy supply, based on wood biomass, and your business pays only for the energy you use. We bring decades of specialist experience.

We typically reduce operating costs by at least 10% in year one, and more each year after that - and slash emissions by at least 90%*. 

We’re here to help – with no capex from you

We’ll deliver a heat system that keeps your kitchen happy and your guests warm, reduces the bills and takes away operational headaches – so you can focus on a great experience for your guests. We’ve also found some guests are interested in biomass energy, and it’s likely to be a differentiator to have your business running its heating and hot water entirely on sustainable local woodchip.

Financially, we can virtually always deliver a cost cut from year one, and more each year after that; a predictable forward cost, and an increase in the book value of your site, without any capex from you – assisting with refinancing or delivering other projects you may have in mind.

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*we usually do better than this – but these are typical minimum results when switching from any fossil fuel