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Balancing the budget is never easy – and turning the heat down isn’t usually an option.

We know from experience that hospitals and care homes, especially those that are off gas grid, present particular energy challenges.

Listed buildings with draughty doors and windows and elderly radiators add to the cost, and can restrict your options when it comes to renewable energy – and yet there are many pressures in the system to reduce not just cost but emissions.

We typically reduce operating costs by at least 10% in year one, and more each year after that - and slash emissions by at least 90%*.  

We’re here to help – without capex from you  

Frankly, you and the care teams have better things to do than worry about the heating system – of course you’ll only hear from them when it’s too hot, or too cold. We’ll deliver a heat and hot water system that keeps your kitchen, your nurses and your residents happy, reduces the bills and CO2 emissions, and takes away operational headaches – so you can focus on delivering a balanced budget and an excellent care environment.

We specialise in business-to-business energy supply, based on wood biomass, and your business pays only for the energy you use. We bring decades of specialist experience

Financially, we deliver a cost drop from year one, and more each year after that, predictable forward cost, and an increase in the book value of your site, without any capex from you – which may help with refinancing or delivering other projects you need.

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*we usually do better than this – but these are typical minimum results when switching from any fossil fuel