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Setting the foundations

To  stay competitive in tough markets, you’ve got a lot of things to worry about.

So let us switch your operations to reliable, 24/7 renewable energy, without any capital outlay, and take care of running your heating systems and/or providing heat for your processes.

We typically reduce operating costs by at least 10% in year one, and more each year after that - and slash emissions by at least 90%*.

We’re here to help – without capex from you  

Whether it’s gasoil, LPG or heating oil, fossil fuel prices are only going one way. And in earlier times people didn’t ask whether you ran on heavy fuel oil or not – but now buyers are focused more and more on the emissions profile of their supply chain

More and more end customers are asking about a product’s eco credentials, too – whether or not it’s core to the brand.

We know the food production and glasshouse sectors are big energy users. We’ll deliver a reliable 24/7 heat system based on sustainable wood fuel that reduces the bills from year one, and every year after that. We will keep your production manager happy, and take away operational headaches - so you can focus on producing great products. It’s also likely to be a differentiator to have your business providing its heat entirely on sustainable local woodchip - perhaps from your own wood waste - with extremely low emissions.

We specialise in business-to-business energy supply, based on wood biomass, and your business pays only for the energy you use. We bring decades of specialist experience

Financially, you will:

- avoid carbon emissions costs (like Carbon Reduction Commitment charges and Emissions Trading Scheme);

- virtually always see an operating cost cut from year one, and more each year after that;

- have a predictable forward cost;

-  increase the book value of your site, without any capex from you – which can assist with refinancing or delivering other projects you may have in mind.

Contact us now to arrange a free, no-obligation site assessment

*we usually do better than this – but these are typical minimum results when switching from any fossil fuel