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We specialise in business-to-business energy supply, based on wood biomass, and your business pays only for the energy you use. We bring decades of specialist experience

The Headache Removers

We save your business both capex and opex, particularly if you’re switching from heating oil, diesel or LPG. We deliver a straightforward switchover, and then run it for you - so we free up management time, removing the headaches of breakdowns, maintaining fossil-fuel boilers, and fossil fuel price rises. We cover all day-to-day operations including fuel ordering and delivery.

We typically reduce operating costs by at least 10% in year one, and more each year after that - and slash carbon emissions by at least 90%*.  

Financially, you will:

- virtually always see an operating cost cut from year one, and more each year after that;

- avoid real or potential carbon emissions costs (like Carbon Reduction Commitment charges and Emissions Trading Scheme-based charges);

- have a predictable forward cost profile for 20 years;

-  Create equity without spending capital: systems like ours increase the book value of your business, in a very straightforward way, without you spending a penny of capex.  Ask us how!

Tell your customers and residents

To anyone visiting, using or staying in your property, we deliver consistent, reliable heat 24/7, based on sustainable local woodchip, with extremely low emissions. Experience shows that some of them will be interested, and it may be a differentiator for your business.

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*we usually do better than this – but these are typical minimum results when switching from any fossil fuel