large pile of chopped tree trunks

GG Eco Solutions and wood fuel – five fast facts

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  1. We order the fuel:

    When needed. We monitor the level in our stores- so you don’t have to think about it and you always have enough fuel on site.
  2. We pay for the fuel:

    So you don’t have to worry about fuel price fluctuations. We use our scale and expertise to help ensure we get top quality fuel at the right price.
  3. There are different grades of wood fuel available:

    We use only premium-grade fuel (which has more consistent size, moisture content, etc). This costs more, but helps make the system even more reliable. As we’re doing the maintenance, it makes even more sense for us to do so!
  4. Wood-fuelled heat systems are well established:

    Around 30% of Swedish and German households are heated using wood or pellet today, and the UK market is growing fast. This means we use specialist European wood-boiler suppliers with decades of experience and can be confident of strong service, easy access to parts and other backup.
  5. Our fuel is sustainably sourced:

    Our wood chip is sourced from local forests and woodland. It is a by-product of the commercial management of the timber resource, with the high grade wood going into industry and construction, and the lower grades being available for energy generation. By providing a further commercial market for the outputs of woodland management, the use of wood for energy supports the management of many thousands of hectares of woodland in the UK, which may otherwise be left unmanaged. This has positive benefits to the local economy, and also provides a significant improvement in woodland biodiversity.