Culford case study
tree trunks chopped in a pile

GG Eco Solutions are supplying low carbon energy to Culford School in Suffolk, under a long term contract.

The energy
 is supplied to buildings throughout the campus from a newly installed biomass energy system and district heating
 network, designed, installed and funded by GG Eco Solutions.

Fuel supply:
The biomass fuel for the project is sourced from local sustainably 
managed woodlands.

Carbon emissions savings:

Over 1000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent saved per year of operation
 [Calculation using SAP 2009 emissions factors]

Energy supply start date:
March 2012

Energy supply contract term:
15 years.

Operations Director Crispin Muir writes about our work, from the school’s point of view, one year on:

Biomass – sustainability in action, without capital investment.

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